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A Heritage of Genius: American Master Quilts Past and Present

11/29/2001 - 01/31/2002
New York City, NY

"The quilting tradition in America has produced a heritage of brilliant artistic accomplishments that is unencumbered with the pretenses of 'Art'. The need to decorate and embellish, perhaps to evoke the visual richness of exalted states or simply to relieve the drabness of everyday life, is apparently basic and primal to our species," says L.L.Powers, curator and organizer of the "Heritage of Genius: American Master Quilts" exhibit.

Shelly Zegart along with Eleanor Bingham Miller shared their expertise in the field as well as parts of their own quilt collections to contribute to the success of the exhibit.

The exhibition was presented in three Midtown Lobbies in New York City:

"Ecstatic Geometrics", 1155 Ave. of the Americas
"Transitions, Beyond the Rules", 1133 Ave. of the Americas
"Old Medium / Modern Message", Times Square


 "Heritage of Genius: A Collector's Perspective" (by Elanor Bingham Miller)

 "Heritage of Genius: The American Quilt as Evolving Art Form" (by Shelly Zegart)

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