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All of the quilts that we sell are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic. All restorations are noted. We always have many more quilts in stock and can fill your special request. Shelly purchases only extraordinary quilts in excellent condition.

Please e-mail Shelly if you have quilts that you are interested in selling. Shelly also takes special quilts on consignment to be sold. Please email Shelly for more information if you interested in consigning a quilt.


Condition Listings

Mint: Quilt is unwashed, like new condition. No stains, holes, color fading, or wear. No restorations or repairs. All seams and stitching intact. No batting shift noted.

Excellent: Quilt has never been washed. May have minimal fading or staining. No holes or tears. All stitching and seams are intact. May have some batting shift.

Good: Quilt may have been washed. May have some fading, staining, or discoloration. May have some age appropriate wear to fabric or binding. May have been repaired or restored. May have some loose stitching or open seams. May have a batting shift.

Fair: Quilt has been washed. May have fading, wear, and or staining. May have a small tear or hole. May have loose stitching or open seams. Batting may be shifted or exposed.

Poor: Obvious wear, staining, and or fading noted. May have tears, holes, or fraying. Loose stitching and or open seams may be present.

Quilts for Sale

International Bank Collection

This group of quilts, from the collection of an international bank in New York, is fresh to the market. The bank purchased the quilts from me, and hung them on their walls for several years. When the decision was made to sell the collection, the quilts came back to me for resale. This is your opportunity to buy quilts that were originally owned by very early, well known and well respected quilt dealers like Bryce and Donna Hamilton, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Bruce Mann (1944-1980), Louisville, Kentucky, who sold me my first quilt; and Sandra Mitchell (1942-2000), Columbus, Ohio.

These small Amish quilts were made in Holmes County, Ohio c. 1990. All are from the Miller family. Sandra Mitchell, one of the earliest and best-known quilt dealers, purchased these quilts directly from the family over a six-month period in 1990. I purchased them from her.

Quilts from this collection are no longer available for sale.