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2008 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival2008 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival
(Courtesy of NHK - Japanese Public Television; 12 mins)

Shelly Zegart curated her third exhibition of antique quilts at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival in January 2008. The festival is sponsored by Japanese Public Televison (NHK) and takes place in the Tokyo Dome. Each year around 250,000 people attend during the 9 days of the Festival. On Sunday morning they do a live television program at the Festival, interviewing various curators at their exhibition sites. This video is part of Shelly's interview on that program at the site of her Antique Log Cabin exhibition. The video is mostly in Japanese; Shelly is speaking with the TV hosts via interpreter.


Treasures in Your Attic ™Treasures in Your Attic ™
(Courtesy of Knoxville PBS; 7 mins)

If you want to learn how experts determine value of antique quilts, this video is for you! Helaine Fendelman and Shelly Zegart, both members of the Appraisers Association of America have a discussion, using antique quilt examples, as part of Helaine's PBS series, Treasures in Your Attic.™