American Quilt Collections: Antique Quilt Masterpieces
By Shelly Zegart

American Quilt Collections: Antique Quilt Masterpieces American Quilt Collections introduces many of the great public and private collections that have flourished since quilt collecting became fashionable. It is a thought-provoking, information-filled guide to the collections. This book integrates new information about how, when, and why the collections were formed, and also explores curatorial concerns about displaying quilt collections and allowing scholars access to them. More than 70 vibrant full-page color photographs reflect the diversity of antique quilt masterpieces in these collections. Also included are two forewords: "Judging Masterpiece Quilts: A Historical Perspective" by Jonathan Holstein, curator of the 1971 landmark exhibition generally acknowledge as the catalyst of the current quilt revival, and "Value in the Eye of the Maker: Masterpiece Quilts in Nineteenth Century America" by Celia Y. Oliver, a curator at the Shelburne Museum.

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Praise for American Quilt Collections: Antique Quilt Masterpieces

«If you want a one-book introduction to the range and artistic power of the grand tradition of American quilting, Shelly Zegart's Amerian Quilt Collections is the solution. It offers a comprehensive overview of major American quilt collections -- both the great institutional collections and, equally compelling, some magnificent collections in private hands. Each collection is amply described, and one "masterpiece" is selected from it for a full-page color reproduction and detailed description. The array of styles and techniques is wonderfully broad, from classic patterns to album quilts to crazy quilts and trapunto, and the artistry is wolrd-class. Two thoughtful forewords, by Jonathan Holstein and Celia Y. Oliver, are joined by appendices that quide the reader to additional resources.»

Alan Jabbour
Director of the American Folklife Center
The Library of Congress


«Some of the most beautiful and powerful creations I have encountered are antique American quilts. My husband is a quilt collector and we treasure our own private collection of these works of art. We are honored to have our collection profiled in Shelly Zegart's outstanding book, American Quilt Collections: Antique Masterpieces. This book will affect perceptions about quilt collecting and the quilts and their makers. This book honors a grand tradition that is uniquely American. We believe that this publication will make a difference in the way we value women's creativity, art, and roles throughout the history.»

Sally Jessy Raphael


«American Quilt Collections: Antique Masterpieces by Shelly Zegart is a welcome addition to quilt literature. Besides presenting examples of fine quiltmaking, the author identifies some of the outstanding collections and collectors in this coutnry and provides information regarding accessibility. The author has provided valueable information for any quilt researcher who may want to investigate the holdings found in these collections.»

Bets Ramsey
The Chattanooga Times

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