Introduction and quilt commentaries by Jonathan Holstein, historical text by John Finley

KENTUCKY QUILTS: 1800-1900 The Kentucky Quilt Project started in 1981 from a belief that Kentucky's 19th C quilts are a valuable part of our nations' artistic heritage. For over a year Quilt Days were held throughout the state to identify the quilts and collect data for permanent reference. 44 of these quilts and their stories culminated in the exhibit that traveled with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service for two years. Since 1981 groups in all 50 states and some countries abroad have undertaken quilt surveys informed by the methods and directions of the Kentucky Quilt Project. Other quilt history books also published by the Kentucky Quilt Project include Abstract Design in American Quilts by Jonathan Holstein, Always There: the African American Presence in American Quilts by Cuesta Benberry and The Quilt Journal: An International Review (6 small Journals sold as a set) publication.

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